Self-aware design generalist: open to experience, conscientious to the core, while altruistic to all.
I’m a senior UX product designer with a mindset for growth due to being driven to figure things out, acquiring new knowledge and committed to helping others succeed. By practicing as a generalist, I adapt to any circumstance, actively listen—learn across multiple disciplines, and apply integrated wisdom to new or existing challenges.
When I began my career as a web designer, I only had 4 months experience and was 1 of 3 employees. Twelve years later the CEO, a developer who was employee number 2, and myself turned a small web design company into a multi-million dollar lead generation software empire.
Each year as the company evolved so did I; becoming more curious, empathic and loved finding new ways to solve problems while learning how to get the best out of my teammates. This mentality led to my role as the design leader of our development team and my greatest contribution to the company; delivering a 5 year UX vision and strategy for our lead generation SaaS, increasing leads by 900% from 100k to over 1m.
But when I moved to Chicago because we opened a second office, I became so influenced how the Google Maps app improved my city life, I was determined to learn the skills and software to prototype a mobile app. So I took a risk and left my design lead role and moved back home with my parents to pursue new skills in mobile app development and hone existing skills in communication (visual, written, and verbal). 
During this time, I redesigned the user experience of a local transit app, creating 8 high-fidelity prototypes, 4 experimenting with how augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning could anticipate users' urban mobility needs. This project inspired me to research companies that were heavily investing in emerging technologies and process innovation for my next career opportunity.
Today I’m more self-aware than ever. 
I envision my future as a changemaker, creatively solving problems for the good of humanity in a world where mobility, accessibility, and connectivity are not limited by distance, disability, or device to help us become our better selves. 
I want to work for a company that will help me grow and provide challenges that inspire me to think beyond what’s possible. 
I think helping others succeed efficiently is important; it makes me feel good because giving time is the most precious gift of all.
Continue reading to learn about my project accomplishments, interests and future goals, culture fit and teammate testimonials and 10 facts about my personal life.
Project ownership brings a sense of responsibility to make it purposeful, meaningful and impactful.
I'm passionate about building things that improve people's lives. I’m motivated by looking at something and trying to make it better. I’m inspired by taking risks and experimenting with innovative technology. I’m focused on impact by using integrated wisdom to solve real problems.
When you take ownership of a project, you fulfill one’s purpose to self and team. You realize how your personal and workplace values explain your work ethic. And you strive to achieve life and company goals through experience and collaboration.
Below are my stories of how I’ve evolved as a project owner throughout my 15 years of experience as a designer. In these 4 stories I share the problems I've solved on my own this past year (2018) and with the cross-functional development team I was on for 12 years (2005 - 2017) at a lead generation company. You will gain insights into how I analyze a situation, determine the variables, test the best course of action, and present artifacts of discussion that result in the final project deliverables. These are my personal and professional project accomplishments.
In 8 months I redesigned a local transit app creating 8 high-fidelity prototypes, 4 inspired by Google’s Cloud Vision, without prior experience using a Mac or developing a mobile app to demonstrate a working knowledge of Sketch, Principle and Material Design by implementing my Android app concept.

In this playlist watch 4 high-fidelity mobile app prototypes from my personal project of redesigning a transit app to demonstrate a working knowledge of Sketch, Principle and Material Design.

In this playlist watch 4 additional high-fidelity mobile app prototypes of my transit app redesign to demonstrate how I envisioned Google’s Cloud Vision could anticipate users’ transit needs.

To learn more about my mobile app accomplishments read my story “A Mobile App Encounter That Encouraged More Education.
Over 5 years I emerged as a leader and mentor of a 4-member design team providing overall creative direction and development of a lead generation responsive (RWD) theme used to build 550+ client websites while delivering the UX vision and strategy for a new lead generation SaaS application contributing to increasing leads by 900% (100k to 1m+), clients by 1,000% (50 to 550+), and employees by 150% (20 to 50+).
As a designer on our cross-functional 10-member development team, I contributed to increasing our client's conversion rate 30% collaborating on A/B testing designs and decreased a designer's time building client website 62% (-5 weeks) because of building a responsive website theme.
To learn more about our SaaS application accomplishments read my story “The Evolution of an SaaS Application and Its Designer.”
Over 8 months I stepped in to raise the bar on product quality while setting new standards in execution and operational excellence to help a cross-functional 10-member development team build a SaaS application by implementing the design system I established and maintained.
To learn more about our design system accomplishments read my story “Designing a System for My Team’s Single Source of Truth.”
In 1 week I contributed to a home remodeling client’s in-store foot traffic increasing 23% while their website bounce rate decreased 32% and time on page increased 79% by collaborating with a senior software developer for 4 months to create an interactive Google Business View web app.
To learn more about our web app accomplishments read my story “An Interactive Tour Web App With Engaging Virtual Views.”
Creative problem-solving is limitless, using AR, AI and ML to anticipate the needs of humanity.
I realized using emerging technologies to redefine process innovation are future projects I want to work on when I was captivated by an augmented reality app, Google Lens. Discovering how influential augmented reality is inspired me to envision scenarios of challenges where using this technology would improve my local transit app concept.
Below are 2 out of 4 prototypes demonstrating how I envisioned applying Google’s Cloud Vision in order to make my app identify, adapt and learn user needs when using the (CTA) Chicago Transit Authority and Metra to commute around the city of Chicago and suburbs.
Scan For Schedules
Look up CTA “L“ train schedules right from their sign without having to type one word.
Discover Where to Sit
Pinpoint parts of the Metra train that have seating before boarding.
I envision my future as a changemaker, creatively solving problems for the good of humanity in a world where mobility, accessibility, and connectivity are not limited by distance, disability, or device to help us become our better selves. 
To see 2 more Cloud Vision prototypes and 4 High-fidelity prototypes read my story “An App Encounter That Encouraged More Education.”
To thrive in the workplace, culture, collaboration and clarity mean everything in a team.
I fit best in a positive workplace around teams that share the same mindset: curious, courageous, and conscientious. I thrive when collaborating with teammates who are big thinkers, can bring order to complexity and know when to step up and step back. I aim to inspire confidence in my teammates by promoting a culture of creativity using a balance of product thinking, design thinking, and practical thinking to drive user, business, and team alignment.
During my 12 years at a lead generation company working within cross-functional teams, I've learned: (1.) no one can create great products and services by themselves, (2.) to get the best out of your teammates, you need to empathize with them, understand their role and support that role, (3.) and in a moment of uncertainty, admitting what you don't know lies an opportunity to learn and teach each other.
My teammates learned a few things too...
Stephanie Keltner
“No matter what he’s working on, Sean follows the motto - Great Isn't Good Enough.”
"He is an incredibly talented designer who puts 200% of his effort into every project he works on, keeping the needs of our end users at the forefront of his design process. Sean takes pride in pushing the limits of creativity to find the best possible solutions for our clients--but the projects don't end once the deadlines hit. Sean regularly revisits his work to tweak, refine and improve every detail as the needs of our clients change and adapt. For one particular lead generation website he built, his design elements weren’t only beautiful--they increased the conversion rate from less than 20% to nearly 70%! Sean never does anything halfway and it definitely shows. Our hundreds of clients love his work and his passion for gorgeous, innovative UI/UX design would be an asset to any company."
Stephanie and I worked together for over 1 year in different teams. She was on the marketing team as Creative Marketing Manager - Content Development.
Kevin McKenzie
“As the creative lead, Sean helped us put our A/B testing results into action with sharp designs and intuitive UI across all of our agency's web properties."
"When a project had to look great and be flexible across devices, Sean always knew exactly how to make it happen. With SaaS application changes rolling out across hundreds of client instances, we only had one chance to get it right, which is where Sean's eye for detail really stood out. On top of having superior technical skills, Sean is also a great team player, you couldn't ask for a better collaborator on projects, which isn't always the case for tech experts! I'd recommend him for any challenge requiring solid technical foundations and an artist's eye for detail.”
Kevin and I worked together for 2 years in different teams. He was on the marketing team as Director of Marketing.
Zachary Richard
“Sean has the knowledge and skill to execute and to guide others through the execution of large projects.”
“I worked with Sean for about a year. During that time, Sean was instrumental in the creation of new brand standards, a software product style guide and component library, and the mentoring of junior design team members. Sean has the rare ability to understand the requirements of a broad scope of design projects; whether it's branding, websites, or product design. Also a pleasure to work with, Sean is at ease in conversation with fellow team members no matter the topic, while remaining consistently professional. I feel comfortable saying that Sean would bring these attributes with him to any role and would be valuable within any team and organization.”
Zachary managed me directly for 1 year. He was on the development team as Director Of Product Development & Engineering.
Ed Caicedo
"Sean has not only provided our clients with beautiful work, but also significant increases in conversions."
“Sean is an amazing and talented designer. I have worked with him for a number of years and he continues to impress me. He brings a great deal of creativity and thoughtfulness to every project he works on, along with skillful front-end code for both mobile and desktop.”
Ed and I worked together for over 12 years on the same team. He was on the development team as Senior Software Developer.
As you can see, you would enjoy my company, you would want to work with me every single day and together we would do great things. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.
A lighthearted look at my personal side, from favorite quotes to types of quirks, I get high helping humanity.
Until this point I’ve only revealed my protagonist personality (ENFJ-A) and very little about my personal life. So if you have intellectual curiosity, like myself, here are 10 legit facts to get to know me better:
1. I could eat Mexican food everyday.
Let's taco bout it over lunch or dinner. Don and I got the first round.
2. I love being in the presence of Palm trees.
Where there’s Palm trees there’s sunshine and heat, both make me smile. I’d rather be too hot than too cold.
3. I wonder what life will be like in 1,000 years.
It would fascinate me to see how far technology advances. We need to make time travel happen.
4. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy.
I got accepted to an art academy to complete my BFA degree. I will never forget looking up at the "David."
5. I wanted a career in visual effects for movies.
After college I got accepted to a VFX school. I couldn't attend due to the cost of living in Hollywood.
6. I will always be a lifelong learner.
I’m curious, open-minded and recognize the importance of continuous learning to improve the quality of my life.
7. I am a bit of a neat freak.
I feel that everything should have a place or you shouldn't have it. I can't stand seeing clutter.
8. I live an efficient lifestyle.
I try to streamline the way I live my life. Time is just too valuable to waste.
9. I dig deadmau5.
I listen to deadmau5 while working, working out or when “Sometimes Things Get Complicated.”
10. I dream BIG.
I strive to make choices that will help me live a life I’m proud of, to build a story worth telling.
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