Senior UX Product Designer
15 years experience in product design, development, and leadership; reinforced with business sense.
Operational experience partnering with all levels of leadership to optimize product development process.
Detailed knowledge of high-level product, design, and practical thinking to drive user and business alignment.
Excellent visual storyteller, able to articulate insights, intent, and interactions to help envision opportunities.
Deep understanding of UX, UI, visual, and interaction design disciplines for web, mobile, and SaaS products.
Proven ability to create scalable design strategies, lead teammates, and deliver evidence-driven products.
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Selected Achievements
Delivered 5 year UX vision and strategy for lead generation SaaS; increasing customer leads from 100k to 1m+.

Projected design team was not building websites for scale; implemented solution decreasing build time by 62%.

Collaborated on creating interactive Google Business View web app; increased client’s in-store foot traffic by 23%.

Conceptualized 4 mobile app prototypes envisioning how Google Cloud Vision could anticipate users' needs.
Core Competencies
UX, UI, IxD, & Visual Design  •  UX & Design Strategy  •  DesignOps  •  Design Leadership  •  Information Architecture  •  User Research  •  Graphic & Information Design  •  User & Usability Testing  •  Product & Business Sense
Passionate about building things that improve people's lives. Motivated by looking at something and trying to make it better. Inspired by taking risks and experimenting with innovative technology. Focused on impact by using integrated wisdom to solve real problems.
Self-Directed Education
August 2017 - Present | Addison, IL
Left design lead role of 12 years to invest in myself full time by pursuing new skills in mobile app development and honing existing skills in communication (visual, written, and verbal) to effectively transmit professional value.
Senior Product Designer
March 2018 - December 2018
Redesigned local transit app without prior experience using Mac or developing mobile app to demonstrate working knowledge of Mac design software (Sketch & Principle) and technical constraints for mobile apps (Material Design).

Built inclusive, evidence-driven prototypes; solving real problems using design thinking process by taking broad conceptual ideas and turning them into features that truly enhance user satisfaction.

Designed well-informed deliverables using Sketch (rider analysis, rider personas, task analysis, journey map, and task flows) by analyzing complex user tasks to understand usage and requirements for user success.

Created 4 high-fidelity prototypes using Principle to demonstrate familiarity with technical constraints of Android by conducting analysis on Google’s Material motion and exploring microinteraction theory. 

Conceptualized 4 more high-fidelity prototypes, inspired by Google Cloud Vision, experimenting with how augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) could anticipate users' needs.
Spectrum Communications & Consulting Inc.
November 2005 - August 2017 | Schaumburg, IL & Chicago, IL
In close partnership with CEO and lead developer for 12 years, we turned what began as a small web design company (3 employees) into a multi-million dollar lead generation software empire (50+ employees).
UX Design Lead
November 2012 - August 2017
Delivered UX vision and strategy for company’s new lead generation SaaS application; contributing to increasing leads by 900% (100k to 1m+), clients by 1,000% (50 to 550+), and employees by 150% (20 to 50+) over 5 years.

Set new standards in execution and operational excellence for cross-functional 10-member development team to build SaaS application by establishing, implementing, and maintaining design system over 8 months.

Contributed to client’s in-store foot traffic increasing by 23% in 1 week after collaborating 4 months with senior software developer to create interactive Google Business View web app.

Led and mentored 3 senior designers over 5 years by providing overall creative direction and development of lead generation responsive (RWD) theme used to build 550+ client websites.
UX Designer
July 2007 - November 2012
Decreased designer's time to build client's lead generation websites by 62% (subtracted 5 weeks) after introducing responsive design and building responsive theme for cross-functional 6-member development team.

Set new standards in lead generation within company, increasing client's conversion rate by 30% in 1 week after being inspired by teammate’s research we collaborated on A/B testing and data analysis.

Mentored and supervised work of 2 mid-level designers to implement company's new growth strategy into lead generation on 100+ client responsive websites across core verticals: home remodeling, moving and storage.
Web Designer
November 2005 - July 2007
Began career as sole designer of 3 employees which required taking ownership of every new client website through entire web development life cycle, while collaborating with web developer to maintain existing 20+ client websites.

Contributed to increasing employees by 266% (3 to 11) upselling search engine optimization (SEO) services after website launch; reinforcing company's new growth strategy into internet marketing.
The American Academy of Art
Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Life Drawing
Associate of Arts in Illustration

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